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The main biopolymer products are different lactic acid based polymers, PLA (Poly-lactic acid).
Hycail have developed three polymerization technologies, ring-opening polymerization, polycondensation polymerization and reactive polymerization. With these technologies we can produce polymer materials with unique properties and new material combinations. Our PLA can be produced from renewable resources based on non-genetically modified raw materials without any additives, thus making our PLA ideal for medical and life science applications.

In addition to normal linear PLA polymers we can produce PLA stereo complex materials with a heat stability up to 190°C and branched as well as hyper-branched polymers having a weight-average molar mass in the range of 30 000-1 000 000. The number of arms and the functional groups can be accurately adjusted, thus affecting the properties of the resulting hyper-branched polymer in a desired way. For example the biopolymer can be equipped with hydrophobic or hydrophilic parts.

In addition to industrial applications for production of different biodegradable products like thermoformed and injection molded products, film, sheet and hot melt adhesives, our technology have been used in following applications:

  • -Medical R&D
  • -High heat PLA stereo-complex applications
  • -Fiber enforced biopolymers
  • -Biodegradable Chewing Gum Base
  • -Composites with natural fibers
Hycail D-PLA