News Releases

23.10.2012 Hycail redesigns the company website

Information on the full range of biomaterial technologies from Hycail can now be found in one place as the recently acquired new medical biomaterial technologies has been included on the Hycail web pages.

16.9.2012 Hycail launches

A new website addressing the local Finnish laboratory equipment market is launched for the laboratory equipment distribution business. The distribution activities are now handled under a newly registered auxiliary company name, LL-Labralaite / LL-Labbprodukter. (More info in finnish at

14.9.2012 Hycail acquires biocompatible medical cellulose technology.

Hycail has acquired exclusive global rights to an ultrapure cellulose material developed for medical and life science applications.

1.4.2012 Hycail acquires biodegradable hot melt adhesive technology.

The acquisition includes global exclusive rights to hot melt adhesives technology developed by Bio-Actors Ab during the last decade.