News Releases

14.9.2012 Hycail acquires biocompatible medical cellulose technology.

Hycail has acquired exclusive global rights to an ultrapure cellulose material developed for medical and life science applications.

This medical grade cellulose can be formed into an extracellular matrix type structure which enables use as a tissue scaffold, as a cell support matrix or to harvest bacteria and cells. The material is an ideal matrix for attachment, invasion, growth and division of living cells.
The material can be formulated or optimized to meet individual application requirements and it can be pretreated with drugs for pharmaceutical research and the material can be sterilized in an autoclave.

The Cellulose Matrix material has been successfully used in a variety of applications:

  • -In vivo collection of human cells from surgical patients.
  • -As a subcutaneous implant in mice to study drug effects on angiogenesis.
  • -Studies on connective tissue formation in rats.
  • -Studies on bone formation in rats.
  • -Harvesting of cells from cell cultures.

The material is a research product and does not presently have approval for medical use.
The acquired material can also be applied as a wound care material and Hycail intends to develop a medical device for efficient treatment of open wounds. The cellulose material has an insignificant level of residues and the structure of the material protects the wound from infection, cleans already infected wounds and stimulates formation of granulation tissue and induces revascularization of the wound. The material has the potential to reduce wound care costs by reducing treatment time, improve the number of successful treatment outcomes and reduce the need for use of expensive artificial skin substitute products.