News Releases

1.4.2012 Hycail acquires biodegradable hot melt adhesive technology.

The acquisition includes global exclusive rights to hot melt adhesives technology developed by Bio-Actors Ab during the last decade.The technology was originally developed for solving adhesive challenges in industrial applications applying biodegradable polymers and biomaterials. The hot melt adhesive is based on lactic acid polymers and the production processes Bio-Actors utilized were developed in cooperation with Hycail.
With this acquisition we aim at further developing the products to make them biocompatible with living cells and tissue. These adhesives enable us to further expand the choices of materials that we are able to use in medical and life science applications. With access to biocompatible and bioresorbable adhesives we will be able to combine materials together in a way that was not previously possible.
“Our innovations are no longer limited by which materials we were previously able to combine together, now we will be able to glue together any material we need and thereby receive the desired structure or property of a device. Also we will be able to determine when the different materials will detach from each other” says Svante Wahlbeck from Hycail.